York Heat Pump

york heat pump

york heat pump
Local winery gets TV visitor
Good Morning America anchor Dan Harris punches down some grapes while being filmed at von Strasser Winery on Diamond Mountain Road last week for a “Work with Me” segment on the morning show. The segment will air early Friday morning.
what is the average cost of a new heat pump?

hat is the average cost of a new heat pump for a 2400 sqft townhome in the Philadelphia suburban area ? The duct work is fine as it is. My existing HVAC (York) has put in over 20+ years.

It would be pretty hard to say..My suggestion to you would be call around as the building frenzy has really slowed down and a lot of businesses are stuck with far to many of them…It’s like looking for a new AC unit down here in Florida…..Many are marked down it least $500. dollars..Give it a try….Good Luck.

York heat pump running while partially buried in snow!