Wood Pellet Boilers

wood pellet boilers

wood pellet boilers
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I want to convert my HS Tarm Ot35 wood boiler to burn pellets, is this possible?

I have a HS TARM Multi-fuel Boiler # OT 35 It was made in Denmark around 1977. Any suggestions on how to convert this to burn pellets? Thanks for your help!

You’ll need to design how to attach and have the auto feed for the hopper for the pellets and you’ll have to make sure that the burning grate is able to handle pellets.

So a hole or other minor change for hopper pellet chute (feed hole), hopper attachment to boiler, automated hopper feeder (small motor on setup to timed feeding, force pellets to chute), fan setup to run to increase flame and heat to burn pellets well.

If you do this may I suggest a UPS (uniterruptable power supply) for a computer attached to kep the hopper and fan operating during a blackout to maintain heat. I had a customer with a pellet stove for heat and during a blackout he removed ups from the computer and ran the stove instead and it kept the house warm for the 2 hours they were without power (1100va unit in this case).

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