Wood Burning Stoves

wood burning stoves

wood burning stoves
Fire is a real threat during the holidays
As area residents once again haul out the holly and bedeck theirhomes with ornamentation, it’s important to heed basic safetyprecautions to keep your holiday celebrations from going up inflames.
How do I turn my wood burning stove to face the room?

I have a round wood burning stove in my condo. The opening on the stove doesn’t really face the room, it faces one corner. I should be able to turn it, but I can’t figure out how. Does anyone know?

Shut the fire down first! Then have those big strong guys turn it to where you want it. Make sure to unhook the pipe before moving and hook up after move!! Make a new fire and make some coffee for your guys!!! OK?Have water ready just in case!!

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