Wood Burning Furnace

wood burning furnace

wood burning furnace
Furnace issue heats up as Assembly session nears
The head of the General Assembly’s environment committee has written a bill that would ban outdoor wood-burning furnaces, surprising the panel’s vice chairman and setting the stage for a struggle that may pit energy consumers against public health advocates.
how do i supplement my gas furnace with a wood burning stove?

I currently have a gas furnace in my basement and would like to supplement with a wood burning stove. What is recommended for a 2500 sq. ft. 2 story home and how to tie into my existing ductwork?

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If you have a wood burning stove that gets its combustion from the room rather than from an outside source, you are not going to help your heating problem except in the area near the stove.

Since you have to heat all of the combustion air as it comes into the house, you are adding to the heating load for the gas furnace.

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