Window Unit Heat Pump

window unit heat pump

window unit heat pump
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Is is wise to replace an oil furnace with heat pump or gas?

I live in VA in a 40 year old 1300 sq ft house with an oil furnace for heat. My furnace is good, 3-4 years old, located in the garage. However the unit outside (used for the central A/C) is as old as the house. I want to replace that with a new larger energy-efficient model, and I would like input on whether I should redo the whole system or just replace the outside unit. I think a heat pump uses the outside unit to exchange heat, so if I went that way I would have to do it when I replaced the unit outside, right? I also don’t like paying a seperate oil bill ($150 every month). Would having an entirely electric system have an effect on my electric bill summer vs. winter? I have an electric tankless water heater. Nothing in the house is gas, so I would have to get it piped in. The oil tank is on a stand in the back yard, right outside my bedroom window, which I’m not too fond of.

Gas will be cleaner to run ,but cost between oil and gas is not to different. Plus with oil you can chose where to buy it from. Heat Pumps are only good for Florida states and work not too well in severe cold temps(below 32 deg) and are no way better than gas or oil heat ! The electric bill will kill you!`

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