Window Ac Units

window ac units

window ac units
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I want to buy a new window AC unit that is 230V in the wall that is 220v? Is that possible?

I want to buy a new window AC unit that is 230V, can I plug it in the wall if its a 220v ?

The plug in your wall is probably closer to 240 volts than it is 220.
There are really 2 voltages used in the US for residential service. There’s what many people call 110 and 220 volts AC. The actual voltage isn’t 110 in most cases, but closer to 117 or 120. The voltage will vary a bit but is regulated to within certain tolerances. This is usually between about 110 at the lowest and 127 at the highest.
The 240 volt system can be called different voltages by different people but is regulated to within certain tolerances by the power companies, usually from 208 to 254 volts. Everything designed to run from what is called 220, 230, or 240 volts will run from this voltage. Your “230” volt AC unit will run fine from the “220” volt outlet in your home.
There are other voltages if you happen to be using 3 phase power such as 208 volts or 277 volts, but a home doesn’t normally use 3 phase. A house is normally wired with a 1 phase “230” service that uses a center tapped transformer to provide 2 legs (not phases) of “115” volts.
The link below give greater detail of the various power voltages and tolerances if your interested.

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