Whole House Fan

whole house fan

No Windows Phones Until 2012, Says Nokia Chairman
Ouch! According to Jorma Ollila, chairman of Nokia’s board, there will be no Windows 7 phones from the once-mighty phone maker until 2012. At least that’s what Ollila told Finnish TV, which Reuters picked up.
How effective (comfortable) during the summer is it to cool with a whole house fan? Like on a hot summer?

I was reading about these fans. The quite ones that exhange the air in your home every 4 to 5 minutes. On a hot day like in the 90s and 100s how will it feel in your house. I imagne the most it could do is 70 right???

First off if you are talking about the big fans that are on the ceiling blowing into the attic, then no.

The reason for this is because, when you have the fan on, you need to have windows open so that it pulls in the air from the outside.
You will only bring in hot air and any humidity out there indoors.

Had one for many years.

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