Which is more efficient: electric or solar heating?

Which is more efficient: electric or solar heating?

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Which is more efficient at making electricity: solar panels or thermal electric (Peltier) chips?

By the square inch of surface, which can produce more electricity: solar panels or thermal electric chips (otherwise known as Peltier effect chips)?

For an explanation of TEC’s (Peltier Effect modules) see:

It seems to me that TEC’s (thermal electric chips), which convert heat to electricity as the heat moves from one side of the chip to the other, could effectively be used in place of solar panels. The question is whether there would be a reason for doing so.

It is common knowledge that modern-day solar panels, while much more efficient than in the past, are still a poor energy value because they are not very efficient and still are costly.

I am interested in experimenting with a TEC panel, cooled on the back side with recirculating water (rain water and grey water).

Any first-hand knowledge, thoughts, or ideas?

That is a great question.

I have learned a lot about renewable energy by watching these free videos.

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