Where can I get information about home heating oil prices?

Where can I get information about home heating oil prices?

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Is it true that the new fuel has already been discovered/developed?

I read that the reason oil is so expensive is because the big oil companies are manipulating the price to get as much profit from a dead technology.

Hydrogen cells are so stable now that they can be put in cars and withstand catastorphic crashes. You can fill your car with about $10 worth of hydrogen….this would devistate the oil companies becuase ALL industries not just cars would switich to hydrogen.

Also, that even electric companies would be obsolete because for just a few cents a day a family could generate their own electricity with a hydrogen powered generator.

in other words, this technology would devistate oil as an industry if it were allowed to just roll out at this time.

supposedly, the U.S. postal service is using full-on hydrogen powered cars.

Also, the technology is so inexpensive that even building hydrogen engines is very cheap to own and maintain.

I want one of those hydrogen engines to heat and power my home….where can I find more information?

They are making reliable, working Hydrogen cars, but they are very expensive. Hydrogen fuel cell technology has been around for a while, but never as a mainstream, consumer product. Our primary source of Hydrogen is natural gas (which doesn’t help the environment) and electrolysis is not efficient enough yet. I don’t think the USPS is using Hydrogen (but I think they are using E85 and biodiesel in some areas).

Fuel cells are here, just not very cheap of available for the consumer. You’ll have to wait a few years for that. I think it will take at least a decade (possibly a few decades) for fuel cells to be competitive with internal combustion in price.

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