What is the best solar heating blanket for pool?

What is the best solar heating blanket for pool?

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What is the best way to heat my above ground pool?

We bought an above ground pool last year, and it barely got used because it never stayed warm. So this year I want to try to heat it…..what is the best way? What is the difference between a solar cover and a solar blanket? And would putting the regular cover on do any good keeping it warm? Also I heard that the blankets are heavy. During the day I would be using the pool by myself, is it to much for one person to handle by themselves??

Solar pool heaters use your existing filter pump, so you don’t need to use any extra electricity. You just roll it out on the ground, fence, or roof, and the sun heats the pool water as it flows through. Do make sure you keep the pool covered at night, or you’ll lose all the heat you gained the day before.


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