What is causing my water heater to not supply hot water?

What is causing my water heater to not supply hot water?

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I have a power fan with temperature and humidity controls. If I shut it off and do not use it anymore (because of the dangers you mentioned), should I leave it as is? Or do I need to cover it?
What is this atrocious smell in our basement?

I and my Fiancee live in her parents’ basement.

Often, there is a smell down here that is unpleasant. I want some advice on how we can remedy this. The problem is that I do not know what is causing the smell in the first place.

It is a typical basement. It is dirty, although we are cleaning it inch by inch. The floor is filthy. It needs to be power washed or bleached clean.

The hot water heater is down here. There is a large propane tank outside about fifteen feet away from one of our daylight windows (its a daylight basement)- and it was causing a stench a few weeks ago when it ran out of its propane supply. But now, it is full again, and that smell has disappeared.

The basement is generally dry, but has cobwebs and other things around.

I know you may require more specific details than this, but does anyone have any idea what might be causing this bad smell?

It smells sort of moldy/mildewy, or like moth balls.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks dudes!

I would make sure a Dehumidfier with air cleaner is present. Get Relative HUmidity below 50%. The damp smells should disappear. Bleach the floors and wipe down walls with bleach solution. Allow dehumidifier to work its magic. If smell persists take a bath or move..good luck

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