What is a solar heating panel?

What is a solar heating panel?

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I need some insight on solar heating for a house?

My wife and I are looking at this house that has solar heating and I just want to know a little more about how it all works. The house I’m guessing has solar panels on the roof. In the basement has what a peers to be a regular water heater, next to it is what I think is a Solar Water Heater, it says something like “electric solar storage.” Their are also rechargeable batteries in a different room. they look like car batteries, in a different room their is some kind of small engine that has battery hookups. Plus the solar panels create heat through its own system of ventilation through the house I think. Things I would like to know is how all this works, how long it last. P.S. Would their be a normal gas or electric furnace that operates with the solar unit?

One would assume the seller would have all the answers to your questions– make that part of the proposed offer on the house before an offer is tendered—solar power homes are still one of’s and need many answers before buying– if the proper permits were not taken out when all the solar stuff was installed -check the permit dept of the town /city—- WALK WALK AWAY—-

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