What are the benefits of solar panel heating?

What are the benefits of solar panel heating?

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What are the benefits of solar panel heating?

What are the benefits of solar panel heating?
What does it cost for solar panels?
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Solar Air Heaters are a great way to supplement the heat in your house. They don’t make electricity, they make heat. The box outside the house heats up, and a fan blows the hot air into the house powered by a small solar electric panel. The result, 100% free heat! This morning it was 50 degrees F outside, my kitchen was 70 degrees with my heat turned off. For free. On 20 degree days, it blows 100 degree air into the house. Depending on the size, the heater costs about $1200 – 1600. http://www.altestore.com/store/Solar-Air-Heaters/Your-Solar-Home-Solarsheat-Products/Solarsheat-Recirculating-Air-Heating-Sys/Your-Solar-Home-1000G-Glazed-Solar-Air-Heater/p6720/

Solar water heating is another great way to make heat from the sun. The sun heats up the water flowing through the solar collectors outside, and transfers the heat into your water heater. Solar water heaters can heat up to 75% of your hot water needs. Additionally, with a larger system, you can use that hot water to heat your radiant floors or panels, or integrate with a forced hot air system to heat your home.

Trying to make electricity to make heat is a very expensive way to go about it. The sun is VERY efficient at making heat, not so efficient at making electricity.

You can also find instructions to make your own solar heaters at http://www.builditsolar.com/Projects/SpaceHeating/Space_Heating.htm

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