What are the advantages and disadvantages of solar heating?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of solar heating?

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can someone help me with facts about solar energy?

i’m doing a project on solar energy and i need help with the following question…..

1. Explain why solar energy is considered renewable.
2. Explain how solar energy is harvested and converted into a usable form. Name any major equiptment that is used. (Example: drilling equipment and oil wells are used to harvest petroleum.)
3. What are main uses of solar energy? (Examples: idustry, heating, electricity, making fuel)
4. How much is solar energy currently being used and who uses it the most? ( Which countries, states, people in specific areas)
5. What do you think the future will hold for solar energy? (will it be used more or less? will it have different uses)
6. Explain 3 disadvantages of solar energy.
7. Explain 3 advantages of solar energy.

This article answers all your questions!

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar Power-You Make The Judgement?

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