Weil Mclain Gas Boilers

weil mclain gas boilers

weil mclain gas boilers

Gas-Fired Boiler Efficiency? Which would you choose?

I am switching from an oil-fired boiler and tankless water heater to natural gas. I’ve received multiple quotes and offers, yet none offer the same type of boiler. Recommendations I have received are the Weil-McLain CGI-5 (standard efficiency) http://www.weil-mclain.com/products/display/2-CGi , Burnham PVG 4 http://www.burnham.com/pvg_scg.htm , and the Baxi Luna HT1.333 http://www.wallhungboilers.com/prod_baxi_condensing_330.html

I have not found many reviews of these, and I’m trying to make a choice from these three. I’ve seen complaints of both the Burnham and Weil-McLain, and hardly any of the Baxi Luna, but that may be because it is lesser known? The Weil-McLain has efficiency AFUE rating of less than 85% (around 84 something) which is less than Energy Star. The Burnham states it is 85%, while the Baxi Luna plays tricks on you with “up to 98%”?

less than $300

Weil-McLain Ultra Boiler