Water Heater Repair

water heater repair

water heater repair
My apartment complex in Houston, TX won’t repair our buildings water heater! Please Read.?

In regard to the above question, where can find information that explains the laws against this? I mean it has to be against the law right? I really appreciate any help that will point me in the right direction. Thank you.

See the below link, page 4, paragraph 31. If you signed a standard Texas Apartment Association lease (every lease I signed in TX was one), then that paragraph says that the landlord must act with “customary diligence” to maintain hot water equipment.

It says you may terminate the lease if the landlord doesn’t repair it. However, you must:
1) Be current on rent
2) Make a written repair request and wait a “reasonable” amount of time to fix
3) If nothing has happened, make a second written repair request and wait a “reasonable” amount of time to fix.
4) If still not fixed, send a final written notice that you requested the repairs, they were not made, and you are terminating the lease based on that. Send copies of all the repair requests made as well as a copy of that portion of the lease along with your written notice.

Make sure you sign and date the repair requests, and keep copies for yourself. It helps if you send them certified mail so you know they were received, or if you can deliver to the landlord and have someone sign that it was received that would work too.

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