Water Heat Pump

water heat pump

water heat pump
Rocks that produce energy are mapped
EAST HAMPTON, Conn. – Swinging a small sledgehammer, state geologist Teresa Gagnon pounds at a boulder, trying to break off just the right stone to prove geothermal heat can be generated from deep below Connecticut.
If my car has no water pump could that be the reason my heat doesn’t work?

It`s a 89 Chevy Beretta && it did have a water pump ; it just worn off. The car does overheat && I keep water in it. I’m not driving it as of now though.

MOST DEFINITLY – engines produce heat, they must be cooled to keep them running, so we pump water throughout the engine to cool it. A second purpose is to puch the hot water through the heater core which is just a minature radiator . You must have a working pump to circulate the
coolant – both through the front radiator and the heater.

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