Water Boiler Heating System

water boiler heating system

water boiler heating system
I need help with my boiler heating system?

I have a three zone boiler heating system, basement, 1st fl. & 2nd fl. when the basement calls for heat I hear water flowing through all floors. When 1st. fl. or 2nd fl. calls no water sound and I have good heat. only basement has a water flowing sound through out the whole house.

When you hear water flowing, that means your circulator pump for that zone is working good. If you have multiple zones, you have multiple circulator pumps that only operate when the boiler water temp is Hot enough and the thermostat tells them to “circulate the water” in that zone. It sounds to me like possibly either one or more of your circulator pumps is bad,assuming your Boiler is working fine and your thermostat(s) are not whacked.

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