Warm Water Underfloor Heating

warm water underfloor heating

warm water underfloor heating
Letters, January 6, 2011, part one
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hi, i have a valliant ecotec combination boiler.?

the boiler is situated in an upstairs bedroom. about two weeks ago i noticed that my tiled kitchen floor was was feeling warm to the touch. i dismissed it as i have a long galley kitchen and thought it maybe the compressor on the fridge freezer (silly i know ). when i turned on the hot water tap i noticed that i had instant hot water, which i know is what is supposed to happen, but usually it would take a few seconds for the cold water already stored in the pipes to become warm and then hot. my first thought was that i must have a leak under the floor thus constantly causing the boiler to provide hot water. i have had someone come round and he says there are no leaks as there is no trace of damp on the floor. is there anyone out there that may be able to give me any ideas on what might be causing my unwanted underfloor heating.

that boiler has a domestic hot water pre-heat function on it.this is probably what is causing this,especially if your noticing that the water is taking less time to heat up.
Go to the boiler and pull down the cover on the front.There is a temperature control for your hot water and your heating.Next to the dial for your hot water control,if there is a yellow light on,then this means the pre-heat is ON.
If you want to turn it off,turn the dial all the way to minimum,then back up to your desired temperature(the light should go off)if you want to put pre-heat back on,then turn the dial to maximum & then back around to the desired temp.

How underfloor heating works