Wall Mount Air Conditioner

Wall Mount Air Conditioner

Wall Mount Air Conditioner
How can I find out how powerful my room air conditioner is?

How can I find out how powerful my air conditioner is? It’s a wall-mounted unit and I’ve got the model number, but I can’t find it anywhere online.
For the specifics, it’s a Goodman (which seems to have been bought out by Amana and maybe Maytag based on searches for the model number) “Small Chassis” room air conditioner; Model RC10190A1D. I’ve looked at all the sides, read the manuals that I could find for it, and opened all the panels, but I can’t find any listing of how powerful it is. Can anyone help me find this information or point out where on the unit it might be listed?
I believe the unit was 18,000 BTU when I got it… it was one of the most expensive wall units available and was quite expensive ($450) and is large and heavy. I’m wondering if there is a way to find out specifically how many BTU the product is as I can’t find that information online.

By powerful do you mean, “Cools Really Good? Cools average? Better used as a fan?” or

“Recommended for rooms undsr 150 Square feet? Recommended for rooms 150-250 square feet?”

or “3000 BTU or 5,000 BTU or 10,000 BTU?”

So what do you mean by “Powerful?”

I will take a guess via your model number and say it is a 1,000 BTU AC unit. It will reduce and probably not cool anything less than a 10×10 bedroom with little or no windows in it. If you have insulation to code in your area and do not get the sun shining on your main wall in the heat of the afternoon.

Using the numbers 10190 it could be a 10,000 BTU unit which would cool a 250 square foot room easily based upon insulation and window factors.

You know your room. How is the AC unit performing this summer? If it sucks it’s the first one I talked about. If it does not then it is the other one.

That’s the best I can offer regarding a wall mount AC unit and the model number you provided.

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