Wall Heating Units

wall heating units

wall heating units
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Anyone know a rough est of installing an in-the-wall A/C 15KBTU 220 volts?

Wall has no windows and faces north and is the only place for an in wall unit. Have French Doors to patio, small kitchen window and large Bow window I tried a mobile a/c on wheels with window vent on Bow window. 9500K BTUwas not enough to cool and reduce humidity. Central air will require ducts since my heat is baseboard electric and is my last resort.

House is 1756 sq ft bi-level. A/C in bedrooms work great but wanted a large unit to cool off living room, dining room, kitchen.

Basement is cool already do to bi-level feature and is finished.
Have a few models of 15K BTU in mind but didn’t purchase one yet. So that is not figured in the cost as of yet.

Based on the size you stated, I will guess you will need a 50 amp circuit, which means you need #6 Romex (2-hots and a ground). At roughly $90 per 100 feet with a $20 2-pole, 50-amp breaker and another $20 for a special 240-volt plug, you are looking at between $130 and $150 for material. If you hire an electrician, then double that. I would figure $300 to $350 for an electrician to do it.

If the distance to your breaker panel is more than 100 feet, then figure an additional $1.00 per linear foot for material and labor.

Basement Remodel and Custom Built In Wall Unit