Underfloor Heating Water

underfloor heating water

underfloor heating water
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How to release pressure on a boiler?

Hello i am having boiler trouble, my pressure gauge is way too high as i accidentally released to much water when trying to re pressure the thing, how do i bleed that water out to release the pressure, we don’t have radiators as its underfloor heating so i cant just bleed them, its an Alpha Boiler if that means anything to anyone 😛


Hello Rob.
Your pressure can’t be way too high or else the pressure relief valve would have operated.
Just ignore it.
It will come back in the fullness of time.
You could give yourself real grief if you try to drop the pressure when you are not experienced.
It must be dropping over a period of time otherwise you would have not had to adjust the pressure.

Underfloor Heating – How to Install