Underfloor Heating Cost

underfloor heating cost

underfloor heating cost
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Has anybody got or used electric underfloor heating mats?

Has anybody got or used electric underfloor heating mats?

Just wanting some advice from experience,

was it cost effective? compared with gas central heating?


I disagree with others,I’ve fitted in my bathroom,not a mat but cable type as around toilet bath basin etc.
Fitted because in winter bathroom is coldest room as north facing,to warm up had gas heating on just to warm up when bathing kids,now just have underfloor heating on for hour prior to bath time which uses 200w until stat satisfied,now don’t need heating on so much saving gas.Also on in morning for hour to take chill off.
If you decide to use make sure floor is insulated,got mine off net with 25yr guarantee all in (cable,stat & timer kit) for just under £100,this cable covered 2m x 2m floor area.
Been using for 18months now and no extra on elec bill really.
Would recommend getting.

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