Types Of Home Heating Systems

types of Home Heating Systems

types of home heating systems
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What type of affordable and green heating for historical building?

Hi there,
A good friend just recently purchased an old historical home that is in need of a heating system for its carriage house which will become a full time studio for her and possibly a rental area upstairs.
However, the overall size of the building is small. Somewhere around 400 sq. ft. total (2 stories).

There is a covenant that states that the building must remain authentic to the period (Colonial times) on the exterior. So solar panels are out if they can be seen by the public. The flooring is a slab of cement. So radiant might be tricky since the ceilings are quite low. So my first two ideas won’t work.

She’s looking for ideas on heating options that are green,
that won’t show from the exterior or a very minimal amount and affordable.

What do you all think?


This is a difficult one. First we need to know what state this is in, to determine what the winter design temp. is recommended.Second, is there an attic space? I assume not because of the square feet total you gave.So you see my dilemma. If 400 sq. ft. is a true total for this space including up & downstairs, the only efficient way to heat this space is with electric baseboard heat. Ideally, you put a heater under a window so that the heat will rise to block the heat loss in winter. If windows are sparse, a wall space will do, Electric baseboard heaters are about 2 inches wide & 6 inches tall. They can be as short as 2 feet & up to 6 feet long. A home as small as this one should not require more than 10 kw (34,410 btu) to heat. The total cost to install this type of heat is far less than a complete gas furnace system. It is accepted in the “green” sense. These can be purchased in decorator colors or in any color to match the walls.

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