Types Of Heating Systems

types of heating systems

types of heating systems
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How much would it cost to install a geothermal comfort system to replace my current heating/cooling system?

I am looking to buy a new house and some of the one’s I like have baseboard heating. To help save money and cut down on pollution I’d like to replace it with a more efficient heating/cooling system. About how much it would cost to replace an old baseboard heating system with a geothermal comfort system. The house already has a duct system in place for central A/C. What would be the total cost of a project like this be (products, installation, etc)?

I am aware of the different types of systems… whether it be vertical, horizontal, or open loops. There are also all-in-one systems and split systems. I was kind of just looking for a general answer. Here is more detail that may help you provide me with a rough estimate of how much it would cost to replace an old heating/cooling system with a geothermal comfort system. The land is approximately one acre and the size of the house is 2,000 square feet. The geographic location is a suburban area in central NJ.

$15,000 to 25,000 us…

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