Trane Heat Pumps

trane heat pumps

trane heat pumps
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Trane Heat Pump. With the rising cost of electricity, I installed a wood pellet stove as an alternative.?

The stove is heating much better (75 degrees) as opposed to the heat pump (65 degrees) at a lower cost. My question, will the heat pump be damaged by lack of usage during the winter? Heat pump works great during the summer for air conditioning. thks…

We have three Trane heat pumps. Two only run on occasions. The one that covers our upstairs guest rooms was installed in 1996. It has never been a problem after extended downtime. The other one (abut 10 years old) in the garage is only used a few months of the years and works every time I turn it on. Had it on a few days ago heating my shop.

5-ton Trane XE1000 Weathertron heat pump