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toshiba heat pumps

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Toshiba Satellite M305D HEAT ISSUES.?

I just bought a Toshiba Satellite M305D-S4831 with a Turion 64 X2 RM-70 processor running at 2.0 Ghz. The problem is, whenever the system gets pumped up a little, the heat coming out of the laptop can even burn the skin if I put my hand close the main ventilator. But the performance doesn’t get sluggish or anything. I installed and monitored temperature with “Speedfan” and in idle temp, the core is at aprox 50 C with the AC connected, and 40 on battery, and whenever I use something that pumps up my laptop, heat gets as high as 74 C (though it has NEVER passed over that barrier, not matter what I do).

I was thinking if I should send my laptop to Toshiba while I still can, (my guarantee ends in 2 months) or if it’s normal for this model and processor to run at those temperatures. Thank you guys.

To the best of my knowledge all laptops have cooling issues.
I’m not familiar with any specific model off-hand.

74c it right at the line between something’s wrong, and plausibly normal under load.

But what I can tell you, although it’s not gonna break tomorrow at that temp. it is going to reduce the life of the unit.

Before returning it, you’d might want to get a can of compressed air and dust anything that you have ready access to. I think it’s probably just built up, but I don’t feel good about telling you to take the thing apart to get to the problem because that would undoubtedly void your warranty.

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