Swimming Pool Solar Heating

Swimming Pool Solar Heating

Swimming Pool Solar Heating
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DESPITE the great challenges of 2010 the Salmon Capital experienced another very progressive year. The on going delivery of positive projects in Ballina has been reflected again this year in the shortlist for the 2011 LAMA Awards.
Anyone know about installing solar panels to heat a small swimming pool?

I have a small, outdoor “Endless Pool” in California which uses an Electric Heater. I want to hook up a solar panel heating system to reduce costs. I use the pool for physical therapy and need to keep the water at about 88 degrees year round. I need to know hhow to get information about hooking it up.

Take a look at solar swimming pool heater on the Internet. Good information there. You will want to decide whether to go photovoltaic, or “waterbag” heating. I think you will find waterbag heating the most economical.

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