Swimming Pool Heaters

swimming pool heaters

swimming pool heaters
PoolGear Plus Announces Winter Sale on Pool Supplies
In preparation for the spring pool opening season, PoolGear Plus is holding a Winter Sale on select pool supplies. Sale items include winter chemical kits, winter covers and safety covers for inground and above ground pools, and other top-selling items in popular sizes. Sales are accessed through the “Hot Deals” section of the company’s home page at http://www.poolgear.com …
What circuit is required for a 38 Amp Swimming Pool Heater?

We currently have a 30amp circuit to a back garage; will a 38amp heater cope on this?

you will need to upgrade the wiring going out there to #6 and it will need to be on a fifty amp breaker…if you already have any items plugged into the 30 amp cicruit that pull more than ten amps such as a deep freeze …I would install a new cable and breaker just for the heater…i would also make sure it is a ground fault breaker as this is for your pool

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