Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

swimming pool heat pumps

swimming pool heat pumps
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Has anyone used a Hayward heat pump to heat a pool?

We are thinking about buying a Hayward Heat pump that runs on electricity. We looked into buying a propane heater but would cost us $1000 per yr. for propane. We live in ohio so we want to make our swimming season longer. We’ve heard different things about heat pumps but would like to know if they really work from someone who uses one, would like to keep the water temp. around 85 degrees. We have a 33 ft. round above ground pool.

85 degrees,eh? That’ll be possible to get with a heat pump, providing you are usung a solar blanket on the pool, when it’s not in use. Getting that, would be a stretch, unless the ambient air temperature remains at least a constant 80 degrees, even at night. 82 degrees or so, would be a more reasonable expectation, given your location.
Another option: A home made solar rig would cost under 200 bucks and give you about the same performance but you’d need a spot to put it. An option, which some people do, is to have more than one heat source. Heck, I know a pool that has 3 options for heat, wood burning (first one in Ontario) solar and propane. He uses what he wants, when he wants.
There’s nothing in the rule book that says you can’t use both a solar and a heat pump. One uses direct solar energy, the other uses stored energy in air. It’s a win win situation.

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