Steam Heat Radiators

steam heat radiators

steam heat radiators
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I have a Steam Radiator in my apartment – is the steam dangerous to breathe?

We have radiators for heat in my apartment – the knob to turn it on is on the bottom right and then mid-way up on the left side is the siver gauge that you can turn up or down – to control the heat i think? Well the silver gauge that is on my radiator has fallen off – and when the radiator goes to heat a bunch of steam comes out of the end (left side) where the hole is.

Is this steam toxic? Is it okay to breathe?

The thing that fell off is an air valve that lets the air out when the steam goes in, then closes to keep the steam in to make heat. It needs to be in place for the system to work correctly. When the steam escapes water must be added to make up for it; some systems have an automatic valve to add water, some don’t. If you system doesn’t have one it will shut off when the water gets too low for safe operation. Call a service person. Too much steam/water is not good for the house.

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