Space Heaters For Sale

space heaters for sale

space heaters for sale
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Better car interior heater.?

I have an old volkswagen bug and I live in wisconsin so the winter here is long and cold, so for winter use I need a better heater in it, or a couple of heaters. I would prefer to have an electric one that I could build it into the car. Is there anything like that for sale? Or would I have to just get a couple of small space heaters? Would it drain the battery? (I wouldn’t leave them on when the cars not running) Would I have to get another battery? Is there anything better other than the ones I’ve listed above? And is there a place where I could buy something like this?

There are 12 volt car electric heaters available, some even have fans to spread the warmth. They do pull a lot of power from the car, so weather or not you bug could support one is a guess. Check a company called .. j. c. whitney .. sure they have a web site somewhere.

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