Solar Water Heating Panels

Solar Water Heating Panels

Solar Water Heating Panels
NASA goes futuristic with energy-efficient offices
Designed for efficiency, NASA’s new Building 20 saves enough energy to power 200 homes for a year when compared with a typical office building.
Why are solar panels always used for heating water? BEST ANSWER 10 POINTS!!!!!!!?

Why water and say not the electric oven? Thanks and remember 10 points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Solar panels are used for all electrical appliances in your house. The solar energy is stored in a ‘battery’ and used when you turn on your lights, electric oven, etc. When there is no power in the ‘battery’ then your house begins to use ‘regular’ electricity that you pay for.

The ‘solar panels’ that heat water arent actually solar panels at all. I cant remember what they are called but they function similarly to solar panels in that they go on top of your roof. As far as I remember they are made of a pipe which has water flowing through it, this pipe is inside a glass pipe which is inside another glass pipe which is containing a vacuum. When the suns rays penetrate the first and second glass pipes (and the vacuum that lies in between them) it hits the metal pipe which holds the water and heats the water up.

That’s a ‘rough’ explanation, I don’t really know too much about them but I read about the water heater things before because I have them on my house.

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