Solar Water Heating

Solar Water Heating

Solar Water Heating
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What is the average cost for a solar panel water heating system in the uk?

I wouldn´t waste your money. I have friends who have installed them, and they would have seen abtter return if they had installed the panels for producing Electricity.

If you really want to go down the renewable energy road and invest in solar panels, Then buy the panels that just produce Electricity.

The water heater panels only heat your water to a not very high temperature and as you are at work all day, if you want to take a bath late at night, the water is only warm and not hot.

I am not sure about the UK but if you do purchase the panels for Electricity production, there maybe a scheme where you can sell the Electricity to the local Electrical company, I think it is under the clear skies scheme. There are also grants you can apply for with regards the costs of purchase and installation.

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