Solar water heaters take off in China

Solar water heaters take off in China

Rebound around globe cause for optimism in isles
Pundits are all over the board with the bears and bulls in a dead heat. The markets were up in 2010, and so far in 2011 they continue to stay up with positive economic news of the day. Still, consensus is that the fundamentals remain worrisome.

Solar water heaters: the best solution for rural water

When Gas Water Heater And Water Heater Gradually in the city market, “divide the” time, a use of clean, renewable energy Solar water heaters Products to the rural market as the base, gradually formed the industrial scale. Especially in recent years, with various types of energy reserves in an emergency, Solar Water Heater industry has been more attention.

“Solar energy is today, resources will not waste today, things should be burned hot water to the sun, but more of the coal resources in the other, more needed areas.” Beijing Tsinghua Solar Equipment Co., Ltd. Sun, Vice President Huangzhe Lin said. Fear industry growth economic crisis “2008, China solar water heater industry’s total output value of 430 billion yuan, export volume of about 120,000,000 U.S. dollars, exports to 80 countries.

If in accordance with the solar collector (solar water heater part of the core ) area calculation, in 2008 China solar water heater industry’s total output of 3100 million square meters, accounting for 70% of world production. At present, China’s solar water heater to maintain capacity of 123 million square meters, accounting for 60% of the world, but per holdings of only 84 square meters per thousand, per thousand 685 square meters with the level of Israel still far. “Association of Rural Energy solar thermal Professional Committee, said Luo Zhentao. For intensifying economic crisis, solar water heater company does not appear to be affected. “The economic crisis is only a small episode, the energy crisis is the main theme, the work of energy conservation because of the economic crisis will not stagnate, increasing tensions in international energy, climate change tends to bad today, solar energy as a renewable, environmentally friendly unlimited new energy future. “New Energy Co., Ltd. Shandong Power Norit head confidently related to” electrical “told reporters. In fact, energy policy and environmental awareness promotion, so that solar water heater market in 2008 outstanding. Luo Zhentao presented data show that in 2008 China sales of electric water heaters is about 1000 million units, sales of gas water heater is about 400 million units, while sales of solar water heaters for the 31 million square meters, according to one every 2 square meter calculation, and its total about 1,500 million units. Huang Ming Solar Energy Group Co., Ltd. Technology Development Minister Feng Zhang told the “electrical” press, 2008, Wong Ming Group more than 2 billion yuan output value, 95% due to the power of running to the domestic market, the impact of economic crisis, a very small , single market, the domestic contribution of 75%, 60% are below the county level to rely on sales, marketing, and accounting for 25% of the total sales market in 2008 is the fastest growth rate. It is understood that, as the largest solar water heater business in China, Huang Ming Ming Huang Group’s total, 100 million to, fluorine Lite and Oudike four solar water heater brand. Similar and Wong Ming Group, China’s solar water heater companies almost without exception, main domestic market, and most companies have achieved sales growth in 2008. Mu Beijing Four Seasons Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Vice President Lu Jian Song, said Mu-song Seasons in 2008 sales 600 million yuan, an increase of 80% over 2007.

According to Huang Zhelin introduction, Tsinghua Solar sales in 2008 380 million yuan, which accounted for 80% of the domestic machine contribution. Solar Energy Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Sun Yu Jun Zhu told the Minister of quality control, “Electric,” press, the sun the rain in 2008 produced a total of 70 million solar water heaters, growth rate of nearly 50%. “Love Jan 2008 sales of more than 600 million yuan, the growth rate are relatively stable in recent years, in 30% to 35%.” Jiangsu Huayang Solar Energy Co., said assistant general manager in the waves. Luozhen Tao told the “electrical” reporters, solar water heater industry, more than 100 million yuan of annual output value of enterprises Wong Ming, Sun Rain, Seasons Mu-song, power Norit, Sang Le, Hua Yang, Samp, Temple, Tsinghua Sunshine more than a dozen such companies, while more than 50 million yuan output value of about 100 companies. In addition to over 100 million yuan output value of leading companies, the solar water heater industry, there are thousands of businesses large and small, but the true scale of the enterprises do not have much.

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Solar water heaters take off in China

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