Solar Water Distiller

Solar Water Distiller

Solar Water Distiller
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Does anyone have info about solar water distillers?

Is there a way to purify water using the sun’s energy? An affordable method everyone could have?
Thanks you guys, I’d like to make a miniature one for ALL people to be able to collect rainwater, then purify it. I’ll be researching your ideas.
Yse, Jim, I was trying to open a dialog where someone could come up with a way for peoples around the world to have access to their own drinking water derived from rain water. thank you all who responded, I “lerned” something already. Anyone else want to answer before Jim get 10 points?
Sorry about the spelling errors, everyone.

Water has the highest specific heat of any liquid below the molecular weight of 100 – it really takes a lot of energy to boil water!!! Using solar energy to boil water is certainly possible, but are you really interested in creating drinking water, or distilling water?

Someone in India needed an affordable way to make lots of drinking water inexpensively (I saw this on TV). What they came up with was a “germicidal” UV lamp and a shallow aluminum tray for the water to pass under the lamp, thereby “purifying” the water to drinking water quality by killing all the bacteria.

The germicidal lamp fits in an ordinary fluorescent fixture, and is very efficient on power. His task was to design the parts that would certify that all the bacteria was killed. The design will treat LARGE volumes of water economically; something a distiller won’t do.

One more important point to consider: a true steam distillation process is intended to remove the minerals from the water as well as everything else. You need to think this through very carefully and research what happens when people drink (only) distilled water.

Because of difference between salinity in people’s body and the distilled water, the distilled water will strip the electrolytes (minerals) from your body. This is not a good thing! If you distill the water, you’ll have to add some minerals back before it would be drinking water quality.

This is why the bottled water at the store offers both drinking water (water with small amounts of minerals) and steam distilled water (for your steam iron, where you don’t want any minerals)

One other person in Yahoo! Answers wanted to purify water using UV LED technology – UV LEDs operate at even lower power that UV germicidal bulbs, and could be driven by solar cell/battery combinations. UV LEDs are just now becoming available, and will soon be affordable.

This is assuming that the water you have is drinkable but just needs to be affordably cleaned of bacteria.

Water that is brackish or saline would need to be steam distilled, but that is expensive due to the energy required. There are other water treatments available (osmosis, filtering, dissolved mineral removal such as iron, hard water treatment, etc), but these cost money.

Solar Water Distiller

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