Solar Power House

Solar Power House

Solar Power House
Solar-powered heating system being installed at Genesee Township urban farming project
A solar-powered heating system is being installed at a Genesee Township urban farming project.
Tell me about “solar power generator for house holds” for 3 hours a day as there is power cut daily?

tell me information about solar panels and batteries required and how much they cost?

Unfortunately, solar power is pretty expensive initially. Fortunately, there’s little continuing or up keep costs after installation. You need to determine how big a system you need. How much power would you use per hour in kilowatts during the power cut? The solar system has to be able to supply this power. This means the solar panels have to be big enough to charge the batteries and the batteries have to be big enough to store the necessary power. List the appliances you want to run and the power they need. An example is:

refrigerator 400 watts
3 lights 300 watts
computer 400 watts
TV 200 watts
2 fans 250 watts

The total here is 1,550 watts. For 3 hours this would be 4,650 watt hours or 4.65 kWh (kilowatt hours). You need enough batteries to supply this power. This would be about 12 batteries rated at 400 amp hours.

The links below provide more information about solar systems as well as the cost of installing them. You have a fairly wide range of options if your electrical demands are low.

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