Solar Power Heating Systems

Solar Power Heating Systems

Solar Power Heating Systems
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Eco Friendly India- The hottest idea for cooling: How can Solar Refrigerators minimise green house effect ?

With a solar refrigerator, the parts of the refrigerator – the compressor, condenser, and other components don’t change. The only thing that changes is how the energy is supplied to the refrigerator. Instead of using an electrical system it uses solar power.

The refrigerant is replaced with ammonia or lithium bromide mixed with water. The heat of the sun is used to increase the pressure of the gas, which turns into a liquid, just like in an electric refrigerator. When the heat is removed, the liquid evaporates and lowers the temperature.

Longtime passed since I read about ‘refrigirators’ Yet with the poor memory let me try to answer u, who knows the answer.
Compounds that have boiling point less than -10*F can be used as refrigant if they have suitable other features to use in day to day life.Of them so long we are using Freon 12 in most of the cooling units.I think this spoils the environment and hence when it is replaced by ammonium/lithium bromide, the problem is getting solved, in Solar Refrigirators.

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