Solar Power For Homes

Solar Power For Homes

Solar Power For Homes
Solar industry sees strong growth in 2010
In the U.S., commercial solar customers, aided by falling prices, reached 103 megawatts of capacity in the third quarter, a 38% jump from the same period in 2009, a trade group says. It looks as if 2010 will go down as a good year for the solar industry as falling prices helped boost installations.
Why are so little people getting solar power for their homes in Australia?

We have a great climate for it, the government is offewring rebates and feed in tariffs.

I don’t understand why we aren’t installing them already.

The main issue is the cost of solar panels. I think one needs to reside in your house for over 20 years before you start making money on solar panels (well pay them off).

The other main issue is that government subsidises coal powered electricity (hence why our electricity rates are so little). The government invest millions of dollars every year into the coal industry and research (and then further subsidise the cost of electricity to users).

Maybe if we had to really had to pay the ‘real’ price of coal powered electricity we would be more willing to swap to solar energy.

There is already the technology for every house in Australia to run on solar panel alone (if the industry became bigger the prices would fall and the efficiency of the panels would increase).

Lastly, I found it funny that the government removed the rebate for households earning over $100,000. How many households earning under $100,000 are going to be able to afford solar panels (and I am sure they would put essentials before solar panels). I personally thought the government should have kept the rebates and introduced fines for households earning over $XX that didn’t have solar panels (get the rich to increase demand thus decrease price so that the poorer can afford then).

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