Solar Pool Heating

Solar Pool Heating

Solar Pool Heating
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Will a Solar pool heating system damage my roof over time?

I am about to buy a automatic solar pool heating system, it has the worlds highest standards in manufacture and is supposedly the best selling system on the market. My roof is a flat colourbond steel zincolume roof. I am just a bit worried because when we bought the house we had to replace the roof as the old owners had removed a solar pool heating system which corroded the roof. I am planning on getting am using a Helicol solar pool heating system with an Individual tube design and a 25 year guarantee.
Do you think from your knowledge or past experiences if it will damage my roof?

Thanks in advance
Please Report Giustino W’s answer… it takes you to a link and the link tries to install trojian software on your computer!!!
Also The heater is made of some sort of rubber or plastic

Is the mounting system for the solar system made of metal? There is a corrosion problem when 2 different metals contact each other.

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