Solar Pool Heating Systems

solar Pool Heating Systems

solar pool heating systems
Solar panels to go atop White House
Solar power is coming to President Obama’s residence. The most famous house in the U.S., which boosted its green credentials by planting a garden, now plans to install solar panels atop the White House living quarters. The solar panels, to be installed by spring, will heat water for the first …
Anyone use solar heat for their pool ?

I live in CT and currently heat my pool with an electric heat pump. I’ve recently priced out a solar heating system, but am curious as to how effective it is.

I did on my pool in KY and it allowed us to use the pool much longer than our neighbors who usually closed their pools at the end of September because heating costs were so high. I found it to be a money saving addition as well and it paid for itself in less time than I expected.

Solar Pool Heating System with Garden Hose