Solar Pool Heater

Solar Pool Heater

Solar Pool Heater
Guest column: City needs public input
The city of Shelbyville was recently one of 12 Indiana communities invited to submit a proposal for a pilot program called the Stellar Communities Program.
I have been thinking of replacing my in ground pool heater with solar panels, is this a good idea?

Probably so. Up until California Gas and Light gave away electricity, solar panel heaters were by far the best low cost way to warm pool water. They are surging in popularity again – an hour searching the web brings up a lot of comments about the modern costs of gas or electric heating of pool water.

You need a decent amount of sunny days, the space to dedicate to it – a 4X8 panel seems to be enough – and a pump on your filter that can handle the extra piping and load. It’s not as cheap an add-on as a pool heater, but the long term running costs are much less these days.

Look around on the net for what is offered in the way of panels, costs, plumbing, etc. You can pick up a lot of info before jumping in to do it yourself or contract the job – which will save you money, too, as you will understand what is really needed and what is a false economy.

Solar pool heater

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