Solar Panels For Your Home

Solar Panels For Your Home

Solar Panels For Your Home
WEST AMWELL: Solar installation hearing will continue on Dec. 28
WEST AMWELL — Seventy-nine residents signed a petition objecting to a planned solar energy installation, but the Zoning Board of Adjustment won’t get to see it because the board’s attorney says it is “at best valueless and at worst prejudicial.”
please is there anyone using a solar home power system?

please i need to know your combination of solar panels (with the wattage), inverters(how many and its rating), batteries(how many and there voltage) specically for like a 16KW load.Please i will like also to know there manufacturers for refrences.

If you mean you use 16 kWh a day, you’re similar to us. If you mean your load is constantly 16 kW, that’s way out of our league.

Our system is 2.5 kW, and grid-tied (no batteries). It supplies basically all of our kWh’s averaged over the year.

You can see the specs at

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