Solar House Heating

Solar House Heating

Solar House Heating
Researchers back Chinese farmer’s energy-efficient house
A farmer’s design for a household for a more efficient use of renewable fuels has won attention in a Chinese entrepreneurship competition.
is it a good idea to wrap my solar house project w/ tin foil on the outside to absorb and contain heat?

so i have a solar house project in science and i’m making it with a shoebox. i painted it with black paint and wrapped it with black paper. i’m thinking about wrapping it with tin foil too. is that a good idea to absorb heat and contain it outside the house? is it not gonna reflect the heat in the light?

No, the foil will reflect the heat away. Wrap the inside with the foil to keep the heat inside. But first line the inside with insulation. Styrofoam if you can, or several layers of corrugated cardboard. The air passages in the cardboard act as insulation.


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