Solar House Heater

Solar House Heater

Solar House Heater
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solar heater advice needed?

I have had great success with a small passive solar window heater in my bedroom. Now I would like to go alot bigger. I would like to build a big solar heater for an entire living space. The problem I have is the only spot where I can get enough sun is covered by a sun room. My question is.If I were to insulate some piping, would there still be enough heat to make it about 15 feet. from the solar heater to a window to enter the house?. I cannot put it any where else, so this is the only spot. I live in Maine where it can get down into the teens and single numbers during the day. Thanks for any input you may have!

It is all about the insulation!

The calculation is not all that difficult, but you might want to estimate several things (water Temp in, outside temp, diameter of pipe, water flow rate, wind speed, r factor (or thermal conductivity and thickness) of insulation.

Bottom line, with appropriate insulation it is possible. Important to avoid heat losses from valves/junctions where insulation is difficult.

Enlist a college student in mechanical or chemical engineering to help you with the design. A learning experience for both of you.

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