Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar Hot Water Systems
Community should move toward solar thermal systems
In considering the future, it’s crucial that we think about what we can each do to reduce our demand for fossil fuel (oil, natural gas, and coal).
Solar hot water systems?

I’m think about installing a solar hot water system, but the area i’m in is frost prone, would it just be a waste of time to install it where i’m living? I gets quite cold so… yeah, I’ve heard about a heat pump water heater, but i don’t know how it works… so should i get a solar hot water system or gas? [I have electric at the moment].

Solar water heating can be installed in most climates. If your place is frost prone, flat plate solar collectors are the perfect solution for you. You would circulate a water and antifreeze solution through the collectors, and the heat would be transferred to your storage tank through a heat exchanger. It can generate up to 75% of your hot water for free (100% in summer, 50% in winter). You could tie it into your existing water heater, and it will heat the water up the rest of the way in the winter. You can see an average sized system here

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