Solar Hot Water Heating Systems

Solar Hot Water Heating Systems

Solar Hot Water Heating Systems
Our local energy resources
Gas and oil prices are rising again. Vermont Yankee is scheduled to close. These are just two of the many signs that should make it clear that our energy future is about to change dramatically.
Central Heating using an electrical hot water cylinder – can that be done?

I know nothing about heating systems, so forgive my ignorance, please – but I want to install radiators all over my house, connect them with pipes, install an electric pump somewhere to pump the water through, and have the water heated electrically by an ordinary hot water cylinder. In the long run, I want to feed in power generated with solar panels on the roof of the house and by wind turbines. I live in a climate that’s very windy and extremely sunny, but chilly (30 to 60 Fahrenheit every day, some frost), and my house will need about 10 radiators and living space covers around 150 square meters of miserably insulated, 100-year old wood construction with single glazing.
Does this sound like it can be done, and may even be a good idea, or should I do something else (would be grateful for alternatives if so).

Passive solar.
It will supplement the heater and allow for lower KwH use.

Solar Water Heater System: Why You Should Invest in a Solar Hot Water Heater!

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