Solar Hot Water Heater

Solar Hot Water Heater

Solar Hot Water Heater
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trying to hook up a passive solar hot water heater. have 4ft by 7ft solar panel,30 gal tank, on tank?

have cold in hot out,plus drain on bottom. what goes where? buz.

How do you plan to drive the circulation?
I’d recommend a PV driven circulating pump with
thermostatic control and back-flow preventer to
drive the circulation.
Unless the pipe runs are very short and straight,
and the panel is below the tank, convection won’t be enough.
In general, you want to feed the panel from the
bottom of the tank, and run the sun-warmed water
back at the top.
I’d install a tee ahead of the drain valve,
(with a valve to isolate the heater circuit),
for the panel feed, and another tee between
the cold feed and the tank,
(with another isolating valve), for the return line.
Those extra valves will be a ‘pain’ but if you neglect
provision for isolating the system you will regret it sooner or later.

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