Solar Home Heating

Solar Home Heating

Solar Home Heating
Michael Kwan
Ready for another green energy alternative? You may already be familiar with solar panels and may have just equipped your home with geothermal heating, but what can you do to convert the sun’s rays into energy that is easily stored and transported?
do you have solar heating at your home?

what are the major problems or issues with having this as the main source of power for a home?

I have a remote summer place that has two 170 watt solar panels for power. They charge a bank of 6 deep-cycle batteries.

The main problem with having this type of setup is that the batteries provider 12 volt DC power. Most things in your house that you want to power are 110 volt AC. This mean you either have to buy a pricey inverter that sits between your batteries and the wiring in your house, or you have to rewire and reequip your house with 12 volt DC fixtures and appliances. Natural Living: Wilson Solar Home

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