Solar Heating Residential

Solar Heating Residential

Solar Heating Residential
Country Profile: Australia
The mountains that form Australia’s Great Dividing Range are one of the country’s best-known geographical features. But there’s another Great Divide in Australia — the issue of coal, carbon emissions and climate change.
What are some good alternative residential heating options? We currently heat with a large wood stove.?

We live in the central U.S. where corn is abundant, but dont want to be stuck with a stove that ONLY burns corn or wood pellets. We have found one place that makes a stove that burns ANY biomass: corn, pellets, wood, nut hulls, etc. This is the kind of thing we are looking for but would like more options. Solar is not an option.
Our house was built (its old) without duct work and we dont have the money to put it in now. My husband has no faith in solar so that is out (personally, I would love to use it to run some our electrical stuff). Our house is about 2,700 sqft with 2 stories.

Improve your insulation and air circulation.
Add another layer of drywal to the interior, or another layer of plaster and extra detail to all caulking, at 99 cents a tube at Dollar tree type stores and Big Lots. Also add rugs, and liner fabric to drapery.
For exterior insulation, look into earthships, straw bale and stucco on the outside or wrap your home in tyvek, plastic and siding, t 1-11 or vinyl or lathe and stucco.
HEAT rises, use a fan, opposite in the room of the stove, facing the wall to floor, to pull warm air down. Trial and error but once you get the warm air circulating, you need less fuel. This is the whole point of reverse motor ceiling fans, to push the hot air down. Even lighting candles opposite the stove in the coldest corner gets the air moving and spreads the warmth.

plans, many photographs, drawings, lots of helpful information about earthships … Index. Main Index. Earthships and Earthship Construction Information …

… method that uses straw bales as structural elements, insulation, or both. … Straw bale building typically consists of stacking a series of rows of bales …

interior, create not only superior insulation–but form a large thermal mass. …

A large body of air with nearly uniform temperature, humidity and density throughout …

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